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Hi! My name is Carlos Macias.

I am a native speaking Spaniard and a qualified Spanish tutor specializing in teaching online.


Hi! My name is Carlos Macias.

I am a native speaking Spaniard and a qualified Spanish tutor specializing in teaching online.

Benefits of learning spanish online with me


affordable Spanish lessons with a native speaker


classes in the comfort of you own home office, all you need is wifi


you choose to have a class when it's convenient for you


you don't need to waste your time travelling to and from class


my online classes are approx. 20% cheaper than face to face classes (no transport cost)


ability to practise all aspects of learning a language: speaking, listening, writing, grammar


My Profile

I have been giving lessons since 2006. Finding the time to study a language can be a real challenge nowadays which is why my online Spanish lessons proved to be such a success among busy professionals. Whether you need Spanish for business or to go on holiday, I am professional, flexible and capable of meeting all your learning requirements.

16 years

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What my Clients Say About Me

Carlos is an excellent teacher. Very professional and always has his students advancement top of mind. He is funny, intelligent, and witty. He makes the class enjoyable and is always helpful in ensuring a good experience. He is genuine and I consider him a friend even though he is my teacher.
Michael Costello / 63 USA
Retired Banker
Carlos is an engaging and fun language tutor. He encourages a lot of conversation in Spanish and assists when necessary. It helps that he speaks good English and has a good understanding of various cultures having lived and travelled in few countries. His experience makes interesting conversations. We also learn a lot of Spanish colloquial and idiomatic expressions from Carlos.
Linds Bouthon / Filipino
esearcher, Shine TV
For me the classes have been with excellent content along with the unexpected adjustments to my personal and professional interests, and a lot of focus on the most difficult part of learning a language, conversation. The detours from following basic material from a textbook to instead discuss cultural, developmental, and political differences between countries certainly do not hurt.
Heidi Uri / Estonian
Software Engineer
Almost a year ago I contacted Carlos regarding private lessons of Spanish. I was planning to move to Spain soon and urgently needed it at least basic level of the language. I am glad he accepted this challenge, because he became not only a perfect mentor, but a great friend. What I love about his lessons? Individual approach. He offers topics and exercises, which are really interesting for you. Carlos shares a lot of information about Spanish culture, literature and history. He is not a bossy teacher who will punish you for every mistake, but a kind friend who gives a hand and leads through all obstacles to knowledge. I enjoy every lesson with him and now can’t imagine any other person on this place.
Elena Yurieva / 38 Ukrainian
Political Science
I really enjoy studying Spanish with Carlos because he really listens to my personal interestsand goals. We talk about history, politics and current affairs which allows me to speak with fluency and conviction with Spanish speaking clients.
Frances Jenkins / 34 British
Carlos is a very friendly and patient teacher. I was starting to learn Spanish with him during my Erasmus in Valencia. The lessons were always different. Sometimes we worked with a vocabulary program and other times I had to write small texts about certain topics. What I enjoyed most though, and what is also key in learning a language was that we also talked a lot during our lessons. In the beginning this was quite tough but Carlos corrected me at the right times and after a while it got better and better and i could have real conversations about more sophisticated topics. Overall, I really enjoyed the classes because of the variety of tasks and Carlos's friendly and relaxed nature.
David Schriever / 23 German
Political Science Student
I have been having classes with Carlos for just over a year, and he's the best Spanish teacher I've ever had. He uses a combination of fun methods, listening and conversation to get you speaking Spanish quickly and painlessly. I recommend his classes to anyone wanting to learn the language.
Andy Whitehead / 42 British
English Teacher
Carlos is a very experienced native speaking Spanish tutor. His lessons are engaging and fun. I was a complete beginner and he was very patient with me. Would highly recommend.
Anna Bondarenko / 31, Ukrainian
Digital Marketing
Carlos is a native speaker and really knows all aspects of his language (grammar, vocabulary, idioms, informal language and slang also). I had lessons with Carlos for about a year and classes were always well-planned, effective and creative. Carlos used different materials during our lessons, all of them perfectly adapted to my level. I had lessons with him after 4 years of learning Spanish, and my goal was to become more fluent and in this beautiful language. Not only as a teacher but also as a person Carlos is truly a southern guy, open, happy, friendly and funny so having lessons with him was always something. If you want to start your Spanish adventure or improve your languages skills, I highly recommend Carlos.
Magda Grzesiak / 35, Polish
HR Coordinator
Since 2017 Carlos has been and continues to be my online teacher. Since I met him I have moved to Spain and started to live a life here, something I have always wanted to do. None of this would have happened without the confidence in speaking the language which has been given to me by Carlos’ lessons. He is a patient yet entertaining teacher with a deep understanding of both formal and informal Spanish and English structure and idiom. For me, the most important thing is that his teaching allows me to be myself, but in Spanish!
Gavin Tivey / 45, British
Carlos is an excellent Spanish teacher and learning over Skype has been fun, easy and convenient. He is able to bring together a wide variety of online course material and we also talk about a broad range of topics together. He is able to relate with my interests to make learning Spanish an absolute pleasure. I'm really happy with how I've progressed over the past 6 months and I wish I'd contacted him sooner. Highly recommended!
James Cowie / 39, British
IT Engineer
I really enjoyed my lessons with Carlos. There’s a good balance of practical conversation and theoretical learning that helped keep it interesting and personalised to my specific needs. I was able to use what I was learning each week while travelling in Latin America and because of Carlos’ own curiosity and knowledge of world culture, he was able to deepen the learning experience through the inclusion, where possible, of colloquial words and phrases. Personally, I have difficulties with structural aspects of languages (this is especially true of my first language, English) but Carlos was able to explain the gaps in my understanding in a clear and simple manner that made things much easier for me to grasp. If you’re looking for a fun and informative learning experience, then you have found the right teacher in Carlos. Highly recommended!”
Sam Pritcher / 40, British
Fabric Designer

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Since 2006 I have been providing Spanish tuition to a large number of corporate clients including